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Tucker & Mulhern Associates has proudly represented quality sustainable construction products to the building industry since 1998. Tucker & Mulhern has over 30 years experience in the construction industry working with specifiers, engineers, general contractors, applicators and manufacturers throughout the Mid Atlantic States.

Our experience in the passive fire protection of steel structures enables us to be your resource for all of your fire protection requirements. Our intumescent lines representing Carboline allow us to offer the marketplace the most complete product lines, most competitive UL designs as well as exceptional technical support.

As part of the passive fire protection product offering we also represent Southwest Fireproofing products by Carboline. With a complete product offering we successfully compete daily with Grace and Isolatek. Our technical support is unsurpassed in the marketplace. We also represent Albi Dri Clad board fireproofing by Albi. It competes directly with the Isolatek Cafco CB product.

Within the acoustical line we represent the premier spray applied acoustical plaster products manufacturerd by Pyrok. With its unique product offering, various finishes, 10 year warranty and outstanding acoustical performance the Pyrok products will meet most long term durability requirements with outstanding life cycle costs.

Our Sprayed Polyurethane Foam products by Demilec offer both closed cell as well as open cell products. Our products are ABAA approved and offer some of the best R-values and yields in the industry. Our technical support is superior in the spray foam industry. Our local warehouse makes delivery of our products easy and cost effective.

Our thermal insulation line of Thermacoustics Inc offers the most competitive spray thermal insulation in the marketplace. The products offer an industry leading 4.17 R-value per inch. The ease of application allows for installations of R-values in excess of 20 without any mechanical support. It is far more competitive than spray cellulose while offering advantages over paper based products.

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