Spray Polyurethane Foam

Spray Polyurethane Foam

NCFI Polyurethane, Inc. offers both open as well as closed cell sprayed polyurethane foams for both residential and commercial construction. Our open cell product InsulStar Light 12-008 (.5 lbs density) is a water blown product which exceeds the government standards for renewable content. InsulStar Light provides excellent thermal, air barrier and sound barrier protection.

Our InsulBloc Smart SPF HFO Closed Cell SPF 11-037 foam can be used in both commercial and residential construction. Due to its closed cell nature, InsulBloc Smart SPF is used in environments not suitable for open cell foams. Cavity wall installations, back of precast, parking garages, etc. are all environments where InsulBloc Smart SPF will provide the long term durability, thermal insulation, moisture/vapor barrier as well as air barrier protection required in these environments.

A growing use of the closed cell foam is on a typical cavity wall installation. A typical cavity wall installation includes a spray applied air barrier or sheet applied membrane covered by Dow Blue board. Another method used on installations is to apply the Dow Blue Board directly to the substrate with the seams taped. Neither of these systems can match the monolithic single application of InsulBloc Smart SPF HFO closed cell foam. The penetrations around the masonry ties, long term durability of the taping of the seams, cutting around openings etc. leave opportunities for heat loss and air penetrations that are eliminated with the application of a monolithic closed cell spray applied polyurethane foam.

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Partnership with NCFI Polyurethanes, Inc.

Tucker & Mulhern Associates is excited to announce a new vendor agreement with North Carolina Foam Industries (NCFI) for their commercial & residential Spray Polyurethane Foam Products. This agreement comes on the heels of a long, successful 15 year partnership with Demilec/Huntsman Chemical Spray Polyurethane products. NCFI’s product offerings parallel the historical product offerings of Tucker & Mulhern Associates: 2.0lb Closed Cell HFO High Build (InsulBloc Smart SPF) and 0.5lb Open Cell (InsulStar Light 1.7) SPF products. We are confident

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